Lancaster Cast Iron

Lancaster Cast Iron

Family. It's Why We Cook.


Smooth, Durable, and Light

Traditional features create the premium experience of cooking with a Lancaster

Lancaster Cast Iron Skillet
  • Hand Made in the USA

    We are proud to say that every one of our pans is poured, finished and seasoned by hand in Southeastern Pennsylvania.
  • Smooth Finish

    Our cookware is pre-seasoned and polished for a smooth finish on the interior creating the best non-stick cooking surface possible.
  • Iconic Pour Spouts

    Keeping the tradition alive, our large pour spouts make it simple to save rendered bacon grease, drain liquids and plate tasty pan sauces.
  • Light Weight

    The Lancaster No. 8 skillet's thin walls and base allow it to get up to temperature in seconds, and it weighs in right around 4 pounds.
High Heat Retention
Holds heat longer and reduces temperature spikes when cooking or baking
Cook Over Any Heat Source
Use it on your gas range, electric stove, induction cooktop, in the oven or over the campfire
Improves With Each Use
Like fine wine, your pan improves with age. Each meal contributes to your Lancaster's seasoning
Durable & Sustainable
Cast iron is 100% natural and recyclable. The Lancaster will last for generations

Our Story

We are a team of entrepreneurs, chefs, craftsmen and artists with a passion to bring friends and family together around the dinner table and provide you with cast iron cookware that will last a lifetime.
Our Story

Cast Iron Care

With the use of a few simple maintenance steps, the Lancaster will be your go-to skillet for decades! We'll show you the steps we use to keep our cast iron cookware in tip-top shape. Follow our guides on best cast iron seasoning and cleaning practices.
Cast Iron Care

Customer Reviews

I have been using this skillet just over month it’s is my go to for eggs and potatoes it gives a new meaning to non stick. I don’t even need a spatula the eggs just slide all around the pan on the very first use and it just keeps getting better. I have over 100 skillets vintage and new modern high end cast iron. This is on a daily user for me. This skillet will not disappoint you."
"...I was waiting with great anticipation for this pan and I am not at all disappointed. It is indeed a thing of beauty and performs as well if not better than any of my very well seasoned skillets."
"There are many companies putting out new cast iron skillets, but I finally chose Lancaster, the skillet just seemed to have everything. Light, smooth cooking surface, well balanced and comfortable handle, pouring spouts and an heirloom quality look. Handmade in USA. Who could ask for more?"
"...what a fantastic skillet Lancaster produced. Lancaster delivered on all aspects. Lighter than my Griswold 8. Smoother than my slickest pan. As beautiful as any of my vintage pans. After using it more than a dozen times in the past few weeks, I can say it is quickly replacing most of my favorite vintage pieces."