Our Mission

Our goal at Lancaster Cast Iron is to promote quality time spent in the kitchen and around the table with the ones you love. We're committed to offering only the highest quality products; everything we sell is Made in America. Whether you are a home cook, professional chef or party host, we want you to become more competent and confident on your culinary adventures.


Our Story

Lancaster Cast Iron is a story of rediscovering simplicity and quality. Our passion is to design products that enrich your life through time spent making delicious food and enjoying relationships.

In 2018, co-founders and Grove City College grads Mark Longenecker and Brandon Moore left their full time jobs in manufacturing and marketing to camp their way across America. They loaded up the truck and drove from Pennsylvania to the Arctic ocean in northern Alaska, making friends and exploring new places along the way. It was on this journey that Mark and Brandon rediscovered the value of slowing down to appreciate the important parts of life.

Cooking with Lancaster ironware embodies that same value. We’ve taken the time to consider the critical details that make cooking with cast iron so enjoyable. It was important for us to not only create something that is beautiful but also useful. Lancaster skillets exemplify traditions that transcend time. Our cast iron cookware is smooth and lightweight. The pour spouts are generous and the cooking surface is smooth, making them a delight to cook on and easy to clean.

Lancaster Cast Iron is returning to the roots of what made iron cookware fundamental to every kitchen. Our process is slow and deliberate. We strive for detail-oriented perfection so that you can focus on creating memories that will last a lifetime.

We are thrilled to be able to share our premium, American-made cookware with you and to introduce you to the “Lancaster family”. We look forward to hearing about the joy it brings to your home, your campsite or wherever you gather for a meal with family and friends.

Meet Our Team

Mark Longenecker
Mark Longenecker
Sales and Finance
Brandon Moore
Brandon Moore
Product and Marketing