Japanese Shamoji Rice Paddle

Japanese Shamoji Rice Paddle

Japanese Shamoji Rice Paddle


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Origins of the Rice Paddle

The rice paddle was first invented in Japan in the late 18th century by a Buddhist monk. The “Shamoji” as it’s called in Japanese, is the ideal tool for mixing and serving finished rice. They were originally made from wood and used in combination with a traditional Japanese “Hangiri” which is a wood rice bowl used for serving freshly made rice. Rice paddles are also commonly used for mixing vinegar with rice for making sushi. They are popular throughout Japan and many parts of Southeast Asia.

Why use a wooden rice paddle?

Today, most shamoji are made from wood or plastic and are often included when you purchase a rice cooker. Our rice paddle is made from local American Cherry, Maple, and Walnut and has a large spoon end that allows for scooping generous portions of rice from a rice cooker or from a pot. Using a wooden paddle on rice as opposed to a metal spoon is important as it will not cut rice grains in half when serving and will not scratch the surface of your cooker. When cooking sticky rice, dip your rice paddle in water each time before serving rice to help make your wooden paddle non-stick.

How to care for your Shamoji?

Lancaster Cast Iron rice spoons are protected with food-grade mineral oil to maintain them for a long life in your kitchen. After each use, we recommend that you hand wash your paddle with warm soapy water and towel dry before storing. Periodically use Lancaster wood butter to prevent the wood from drying out.

Who we are

All of our handmade wooden cooking utensils are made in the USA by Amish craftsmen. We strive to keep our supply chain and partnerships as local as possible. Each carved wooden rice paddle tells a small part of that story. Our passion is to design cooking and serving utensils that enrich your life through time spent making delicious food, enjoying home-cooked meals, and building relationships around the dining table. All of our kitchenware products are designed and made in America and come with a Lifetime Guarantee.


9” rice spoon with large paddle
Made from Pennsylvania Black Cherry, Maple, and Walnut
Used for serving and scooping rice
Made in Lancaster, PA
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