Cast Iron Seasoning

Cast Iron Seasoning

Cast Iron Seasoning


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Lancaster Cast Iron Seasoning Oil

Treat your favorite cast iron cookware the right way with our seasoning blend of beeswax, grapeseed oil, and safflower oil. Using only the highest quality ingredients, our oil and wax blend allows for seasoning at high temperatures and is ideal for keeping cast iron non-stick and rust-free. Our beeswax is locally sourced from apiarists in our hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Lancaster Cast Iron seasoning is excellent for maintaining the non-stick surface of your cookware by simply applying a small amount of our seasoning wax to your cookware after cleaning before storing. Simply wipe over the entire interior and exterior of the skillet or dutch oven before buffing off any excess wax.

How to season cast iron

1. Apply oil all over cookware with a cloth
2. Wipe dry with a clean paper towel
3. Place cookware in the oven upside down at 480 degrees for 1 hour
4. Repeat as needed


2 oz Container Cast Iron Seasoning
Made from locally sourced beeswax grapeseed oil, and safflower oil
Use on cast iron skillets, dutch ovens, and carbon steel cookware
Made in Lancaster, PA
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