Large Wooden Spurtle 12"
from $20.30
Handmade in Lancaster, PA, our wooden spurtles are an original take on the traditionally designed Scottish porridge spurtle. Designed in the Highlands of Scotland in the 15th century, this unique kitchen tool was originally used to stir oatmeal, s...
Wooden Spurtle Set
from $37.80
One of the greatest multi-taskers in the kitchen, spurtles can replace almost any cooking utensil. Spurtles are ideal for stirring batter, whisking eggs, frying omelets, icing cakes, straining veggies and so much more. The Lancaster Cast Iron spur...
10" Wooden Spurtle
from $16.80
10" medium-sized spurtle made in Lancaster, Pennsylvania by skilled craftsmen. Lancaster Cast Iron is bringing handmade tradition back to your kitchen. The spurtle was originally invented in Scotland in the 15th century for stirring porridge. Sinc...
Handmade Slotted Spurtle
from $21.70
Originating in Scotland in the 15th century, spurtles have become a staple in the American kitchen. The Lancaster made, slotted spurtle is the ideal tool for stirring, whisking, and straining. It is excellent for making a stir fry, scrambling eggs...
Wooden Scottish Spurtle
from $17.50
Spurtles originated in the Scottish Highlands in the 15th century and have since become a staple in breakfast cooking. The spurtle is a turned wooden cooking utensil designed as the ideal tool for stirring your favorite porridge or oatmeal. Where ...