French Roux Spoon

French Roux Spoon

French Roux Spoon


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Origins of the Roux Spoon

One of the basic elements in French cuisine, a roux is a mix of fat with flour. Rouxs have been used since ancient times, but have been largely perfected by French chefs. Used as thickening agents, a roux is made by heating a fat (butter is the most common, but lard and bacon grease are also used), with flour over the stove. A cooking utensil was developed to reach all corners of the pan and constantly stir the roux to mix the flour thoroughly to prevent it from burning. The roux spoon has since grown in popularity as a unique tool for making this very basic thickener.

Roux Spoons in Cajun Cuisine

French cooking has left an unmistakable impact on Cajun and Creole cuisine. One of them is the way rouxs are commonly used in making traditional stews and gumbos. While Cajun and Creole culture and unique cuisines differ in their development, both have strong historic ties to colonial France. Creole culture primarily developed in New Orleans by wealthier French and European settlers. Cajon culture developed in rural Louisiana by Acadians who were forced to relocate from their homes in Maritime Canada. Generally poorer, they were forced to use what they had available. While Creole cuisine commonly uses butter for making a roux and “luxury” items such as tomatoes, Cajon cooking typically uses bacon grease for making rouxs, and incorporates local Louisiana staples such as seafood and root vegetables.

Caring for your wooden spoon

Lancaster Cast Iron spoons are oiled with food-grade mineral oil to preserve them for a lifetime of use in your kitchen. After each use, hand wash with warm soapy water and towel dry your wooden serving spoon. Periodically maintain with spoon and board wax to keep the wood from drying out.

Who we are

All of our handcrafted wooden spoons and utensils are made by Amish craftsmen. We strive to keep our supply chain and partnerships as local as possible. Each carved wooden spoon tells a small part of that story. Our passion is to design cooking and serving utensils that enrich your life through time spent making delicious food, enjoying home-cooked meals, and building relationships around the dining table. All of our kitchenware products are designed and made in the USA and come with a Lifetime Guarantee.


12” roux spoon
Made from Pennsylvania Black Cherry
Used for cooking, stirring, and serving
Made in Lancaster, PA
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