Chainmail Scrubber

Chainmail Scrubber

Chainmail Scrubber


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Why use a Chainmail Scrubber?

Designed to be the ideal tool for cleaning cast iron, our chainmail scrubbers are excellent for washing a skillet after cooking your favorite meal. The food-grade stainless steel scrubbers are abrasive enough to lift any residual food off of the surface of your skillet while protecting the seasoning that you have worked hard to build through years of cooking.

How to clean your cast iron skillet

1. Simmer water in your skillet for 2 minutes to help remove any food residue.
2. Wash your skillet in the sink with your chainmail scrubber. Use soap if preferred.
3. Rinse and hand-dry cast iron with a towel.
4. Briefly heat on your stovetop to thoroughly dry your skillet.
5. Apply a thin layer of Cast Iron Seasoning and store away for your next meal.


4"x4" food-grade chainmail scrubber
Use on cast iron skillets, dutch ovens, and carbon steel cookware
304L Stainless Steel
Dishwasher safe
Made in the USA

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