Wooden Corner Spoon 12"

$23.25 $31.00 saving $7.75
Wooden Corner Spoon 12"

Wooden Corner Spoon 12"

$23.25 $31.00 saving $7.75

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How our wooden corner spoons are made

Handmade by local Amish craftsmen, Lancaster corner spoons are made from sustainably harvested North American hardwoods. We currently offer American Black Cherry, Maple, and Easter American Black Walnut all of which are native to the United States and are locally sourced. Our spoons and other kitchen utensils are individually cut and sanded smooth. They are ready for immediate use in your kitchen.

Using your Lancaster wooden corner spoon

Wooden corner spoons are ideal for cooking meals that require a spoon that can reach all of those hard to get places in your favorite pan or skillet. It is the perfect tool for sauteing, serving, cooking, or mixing.

Caring for your Lancaster wooden corner spoon

Wooden spoons and other wooden cooking utensils should be washed by hand after each use and towel dried before storing. We recommend periodically applying wood wax to your utensils to keep them hydrated. This prevents your utensils from drying out and cracking and will allow them to last a lifetime in your kitchen.

Who we are

Our Amish craftsmen make each wooden spoon by hand in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. All Lancaster Cast Iron wooden utensils are made from sustainably harvested Eastern American hardwoods including Black Cherry, Maple, and Black Walnut. These locally sourced hardwoods have been traditionally used in American homes and kitchens for hundreds of years. Each wood type offers a distinct color profile. The Cherry is a beautiful redish-brown, while the walnut comes in a dark brown, almost black hue, and the maple has an elegant off-white, tan color. Designed to be both lightweight in your hand, yet strong enough for a lifetime of use in your kitchen. Backed by our lifetime warranty.


12" wooden corner spoon
Ideal for stirring and serving
Handmade by Amish Craftsmen
Made from Pennsylvania Black Cherry, Maple and Walnut
Made in Lancaster, PA
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