Handmade Slotted Spurtle

Handmade Slotted Spurtle

Handmade Slotted Spurtle


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How our wooden slotted spurtles are made

Our wooden slotted spurtles are made locally in Lancaster PA. Each spurtle is made from local hardwoods and sanded smooth to be ready to use in your kitchen.

Using your wooden slotted spurtle

Originating in Scotland in the 15th century, spurtles have become a staple in the American kitchen. The Lancaster made, slotted spurtle is the ideal tool for stirring, whisking, and straining. It is excellent for making a stir fry, scrambling eggs, separating egg yokes and whites while also straining pasta or steamed veggies. At 12” long with 4” slots, it is the ideal size for most kitchen applications.

Check out our Spurtle Set, as well as our Original Spurtle.

Caring for your wooden slotted spurtle

Our wooden spurtles should be washed by hand after each use and towel dried before storing in between uses. We recommend periodically applying wood wax to your utensils to keep them hydrated. This prevents your utensils from drying out and cracking and will allow them to last a lifetime in your kitchen.

Who we are

All of our wooden slotted spurtles are made by Amish craftsmen and artisans. Our wooden slotted spurtle is made from American Black Cherry, a hardwood native to the Eastern United States. We strive to keep our supply chain and partnerships as local as possible. Each handmade spurtle tells a small part of that story. Our passion is to design cooking tools that enrich your life through time spent making delicious food, enjoying home-cooked meals, and building relationships around the dining table. All of our kitchenware products are designed and made in the USA and come with a Lifetime Guarantee.


Handmade by Amish Craftsmen
12” long and 2” wide, 4” slots
Excellent for straining, stirring and whisking
Made from Pennsylvania Black Cherry
Made in Lancaster, PA

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